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Military service has significantly influenced Australian society, national identity and culture. Ordinary men and women who either by choice or conscript have served to defend Australia and it’s people. From WWII to Iraq and Afghanistan, we hold our Defence personnel in high esteem.

At This Story, we believe that through the sharing of personal stories we can better understand our history and those whose contributions have afforded us the freedoms and lifestyle we enjoy today. Our aim is to provide a platform for veterans to tell of their experiences during conflict but also life after conflict. 

These personal stories provide an important legacy for current and future generations to understand the human element of conflict and provide an opportunity to get to know the unique personalities behind the names and memorials.

The interviews are conducted with a small filming crew usually in the comfort and familiarity of the Veterans residence. We do not sensationalise the stories nor do we promote any agenda but rather we simply allow the veteran to tell their story as they experienced it.

There is no cost involved for either the veteran or the family members.

If you know a Veteran who would like to have their story captured, please complete the form below.

Nominate a Veteran

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