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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not, we seek funding from external sources and rely on donations and corporate sponsorship to allow us to produce the documentary interviews. There is no cost to the veteran although they may choose to voluntarily donate to the charity.

Every dollar counts and allows us to keep interviewing veterans and we are truly grateful for any and all donations.

We hope someday to be able to offer this service but unfortunately our current funding does not permit us to be able to do this right now.

Yes, we certainly do. Typically, we will wait until we have a number of veterans from a particular area and then we interview all of them over a few days. So far we have interviewed veterans in Western Australia, New South Wales, ACT, Northern Territory and Queensland (including the Torres Strait).

Our initial project commenced with WWII Veterans and although these remain of high priority, we have expanded the project to include all veterans (past and present) who would like to tell their story.

In short, no we don’t. We conduct some general research but the stories are the recollections of the veterans and this project concentrates on their memories and experiences. We want to hear their story as they lived it and remembered it.

We are always on the look out for photos and letters etc. However, we can only accept these in digital format. Sometimes, we are able to copy from tapes or scan photos but we suggest you contact us directly to discuss.

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