Do You Know a World War II Veteran?

According to the Australian War Memorial, over 990,000 Australians enlisted in the armed forces during World War II.  With a total population at that time of approximately 7,000,000 chances are that most Australians know of or are related to a WWII Veteran.

We want to help them to tell their story.

At This Story, we respect and admire our Veterans and work hard to create an environment where they feel comfortable and relaxed.  Using a small crew (usually 2-3 people) we act with compassion, courtesy and integrity at all times.

There is no cost involved for either the veteran or the family members.

Upon completion, we provide all of our Veterans with a copy of their completed documentary as a keepsake for their family.

If you know a World War II Veteran who would like to have their story captured, please complete the form below.

The contact details should be those of a friend or relative


Jeff approached our family to offer to interview Terry Walker as a part of the WWII Documentary Series he was producing for “This Story.” Although the technical production was flawless, I was most impressed with the way that Jeff managed to merge historical facts with the human story.

I would like to thank Jeff for the sensitive way he dealt with Terry and the whole family.

Kim Walker

‘The professional quality video of my darling father is simply invaluable.  Jeff asked me if he could film Dad about his fascinating life. I put it to Dad. He was quite excited and began writing notes. Jeff arrived at the nursing home and explained simply how it was all going to happen. He asked Dad open questions about his life journey, his involvement in the war, life in the army and family life to which Dad chatted. His filming equipment wasn’t overly intimidating or intrusive. Occasionally and at pertinent places, Jeff asked Dad deeper questions about an incident or person. The end result is brilliant! As a family we are forever indebted to Jeff. Dad passed away in April of last year. Thanks to the foresight of Jeff, we now have a fabulous record of Dad in his later life. Thank you Jeff, we are thrilled with the result’.

Sue Hurley