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This Story Australia worked closely with the Caloundra RSL Sub-branch to create this documentary commemorating 80 years since the tragic sinking of the AHS Centaur off the coast of Moreton Island, May 14th 1943. We would like to thank the Queensland Remembers Grant Program for their contribution towards this important project.

80th Anniversary - Sinking of the AHS Centaur Commemoration Service (Caloundra)

On May 14th 2023 crowds gathered at Centaur Park at King’s Beach Headland to remember the servicemen and women lost on the AHS Centaur. The event, organised by the Caloundra Rotary Club commemorated 80 years since Japanese submarine I-177 ruthlessly torpedoed the hospital ship as it travelled to Papua New Guinea to bring our war wounded home. Past Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who was PM when the wreck of the Centaur was found in 2009, provided kind words honouring the crew and nurses who lost their lives on board, and the dedication of families to ensure their loved ones’ service is not forgotten.

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Rachel Dutton

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