Documentary Screening at the Greek Club


On the 30th March, 2022 This Story Australia hosted its inaugural documentary screening of Second Generation ANZAC – The Story of Alf Carpenter.

Much of the story was based around Alf’s experiences during the battle of Crete and so it made perfect sense for the event to be held at the Greek Club in Brisbane.

Thank you to all those who purchased tickets. It was a fantastic evening and your support was truly appreciated.

“Second Generation Anzac – The Story of Alf Carpenter” is a 30 minute documentary produced by This Story Australia chronicling the incredible life of Alf Carpenter.
Alf, a 104 year old veteran of the Battle of Crete was invited to provide the ‘Foreword’ to Warwick author Deborah Wheeler’s book “Silk Clouds & Olive Trees: Stories from the Battle of Crete” which was published in 2021.
During WWII General Blamey declared Alf’s 2/14th Battalion as “ANZAC Corps” – the second and only time since 1915 that the term had been decreed on Australian and New Zealand soldiers.

Thank you to Southern Downs Regional Council for the funding for this project.

Rachel Dutton

Rachel Dutton

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