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Beyond the Uniform
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Dedicated to preserving Australia's history

Facts give us the timeline. The what, where and when of an event.

Stories give us depth and richness. They give us the chance to learn, reflect, connect and be moved.

Veteran Stories Matter

Interviewing veterans and creating video documentaries of their personal stories is an important way to preserve the experiences and legacies of those who have served in the military. This Story Australia seeks to help build a deeper understanding of the sacrifices they have made to serve their country and the challenges they are left to face post service.

Capturing these unique stories provides immeasurable benefit to the veterans themselves, their families and the community by:

  1. Preserving history in a modern, engaging medium
  2. Honouring the service of our veterans all year round
  3. Providing a safe platform for veterans to share their stories
  4. Building community support and connection
  5. Create a platform for reflection and healing
  6. Reducing the stigma surrounding physical and mental health wounds
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It is often through adversity that the greatest opportunities lay. We can learn from the mistakes and the triumphs. From from the heroism and the resilience. Mostly, we can learn from their humility.

This Story Australia has had the honour of capturing stories from WWII veterans through to those who are currently serving. Our documentary interviews include the stories of men and women from all backgrounds and cultures and include the unique experiences of First Nations Australians.

We share stories through the lens of those who experienced it first-hand. Through the highs and the lows, through the triumphs and the adversity, through the losses and the loves  and through the struggles with physical and/or mental wounds, each story will leave you wanting to hear more and do more to support our veterans.

These are their stories….

Tim Page polaroids
Tim Page polaroids


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AHS Centaur

On May 14th 1943, a Japanese submarine sealed the fate of 268 lives aboard the AHS Centaur. The hospital ship was on its way to bring home wounded Australians from Papua New Guinea when it was torpedoed and sunk off the coast of Moreton Bay. This documentary video commemorates the 80th anniversary of the sinking. In the words of Jan Thomas, daughter of Dr. Bernie Hindmarsh who perished on the AHS Centaur, “The way to keep the remembrance alive is by doing something about it. If you give people a good reason to remember, they will.”

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This Story Australia and its team acknowledges Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work and live, and recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community. We pay our deepest respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

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