“The personal stories of our veterans can inspire us all to greatness.”

– Jeff Hughes (co-founder of This Story Australia)
Richard Martin and Ben Chuck

Dedicated to preserving Australia's history

History is best understood through recollection of lived experience.

Facts give the timeline. The what, the where and the when.

Stories give us depth and richness. They give us the chance to learn, reflect, connect and be moved.

Drawing on the Past

Ordinary men and women stepped up to defend our country. They sacrificed their own wellbeing and all too often their lives to defend our way of life. In doing so they became extraordinary.

We read their names on plaques. We see their photos. But who are these incredible men and women?

To truly acknowledge their sacrifice and the lasting impact on their families, we need to know the ‘real’ stories behind these men and women. The authentic, personal accounts of history told by those who experienced it first-hand. One that captures each veteran’s unique personality, not just their actions.

We celebrate their voice, smile, humour, tears, anger and laughter.

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This Story Veteran polaroids

It is often through adversity that the greatest opportunities lay. We can learn from the mistakes and the triumphs. From from the heroism and the resilience. Mostly, we can learn from their humility.


These personal interviews are produced as high quality interview documentaries, treasured by families and acknowledgement of their sacrifices. 

These valuable resource are freely available to all Australians, every day of the year.

The stories are captivating and educational.

They explore the human experience of conflict.

These are their stories….

Tim Page polaroids
Tim Page polaroids


Speech Mark
Spotlight on a Veteran

Claude Malone

Australian Army

Claude grew up in Cherbourg, Queensland. Under the Queensland Government Wage Control Laws or ‘stolen wages’ which occurred from the late 1800s until the 1970’s many Indigenous Australians were denied access to a large portion of their wages, locking many into a cycle of poverty . Claude enlisted in the Army in 1968 with the hope of earning a respectable wage to help support his family. It came as an unwelcome surprise when he was told he to pack his bags as he was heading off to Vietnam.

Once in Vietnam, Claude found himself immersed in the brutal truth of war. He recalls his time as a ‘tunnel rat’, the name given to those who were sent down into the treacherous and sophisticated underground bunker system of the Viet Cong with nothing more than a torch and .45 ACP revolver which he refers to as a ‘pea-shooter’.

Claude was deeply affected by his time in Vietnam and this was only exacerbated upon the hostile reception he and others received upon their arrival home. His story is confronting and raw but provides us with an incredible insight into the additional challenges suffered by our Indigenous veterans.

We are so grateful to Claude for his sacrifce and for sharing his experiences with us.
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